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7 Hassle-Free Ways to Grow Your Gallery’s Email Marketing List

Many galleries worry about getting new clients and increasing sales, but they don't worry enough about growing their email marketing list. Growing your list is the best way to grow the potential for more art sales long-term. When you stay consistent with your email marketing and provide value in each email, you'll soon start to see those emails translate into sales.

Your gallery’s email list is one of the best ways to gain clients, increase sales, keep in touch with current or past clients, and stay top of mind.

Maybe you’d like to grow your email list, but you have a small team or are already stretched thin. Maybe you just don’t have that extra time to devote to trying to add names to that list.

Well, the good news is you don’t have to.

There are several hassle-free ways to grow your email list that will work hand-in-hand with what your gallery already does, which means you can grow your email list without even trying.

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Collect emails at gallery events

Many galleries regularly host events, from art openings to fundraisers, and there are many ways to take advantage of the foot traffic.

  • Use a free platform like Eventbrite where people can register to attend the event - even if they don't attend, you'll still capture their contact information
  • Lay out a sign-in book where visitors can leave a name and email
  • Create and print a quick postcard (use Canva for free!) with the gallery's contact information
  • If the event includes a raffle or drawing of some sort, use it as an opportunity to collect contact information, too

When people are physically in the gallery, there are all kinds of opportunities to grow your list, so don’t miss out!

Put an email sign-up form on your website

Adding an email sign-up to your website is a one-time set up that creates the potential to grow your list anytime someone visits your site.

Just make sure the form isn’t difficult to find and doesn’t require too many steps. If people have to input too much information, they’re likely to get frustrated and move on. Try to limit it to just an email or email and name fill-in box.

If you're using Mailchimp, you can easily embed this sign-up form on any page of your site.

Add a link in your staff’s email signatures

Gallery staff are emailing clients all day long and including a link in your email signature for people to quickly access your email list sign-up means they never have to go searching.

If they’re already emailing you, they likely have interest, so they’ll also be great clients to market to in the future.

Collect emails from social channels

This one is easy peasy, because you’ll often be able to kill two birds with one stone.

If a person on Instagram or another social platform asks for information about a piece of artwork, you can offer to send them a tearsheet with the image and details via email. Now you’ve turned what could’ve been a casual inquiry into a client you can continue marketing to long-term.

Letting followers on social platforms know that they can get updates and special news by signing up for your email list is another great way to translate followers into email subscribers.

Add share buttons to your email campaigns

Let your list help you grow your list.

Have easy options for subscribers to share your gallery email campaigns to their social channels, pin it to their Pinterest boards, or forward it along to friends and family.

Mailchimp has share buttons within their campaign builder that you just drag and drop to add to your gallery marketing emails! Include these in your email templates, and you’ll be ready to go anytime you start a new marketing campaign.

Share your email sign up link with your artists

Your artists are often marketing themselves on social channels and sending out email newsletters, so why not give them a link to share, too?

Then they can easily add the link to their email newsletters and let their contacts know where to stay up to date on their upcoming shows and new artwork at the gallery!

Export contacts from ArtCloud Manager to Mailchimp

If you use ArtCloud Manager, you’re likely constantly adding new contacts all the time. Don't forget to transfer those new contacts over to your email list with the click of a button by exporting your contact list directly to Mailchimp.

Learn how ArtCloud has helped hundreds of galleries engage their clients and leads with digital tools!