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Simplifying the Online Art Buying Experience

We know how important it is to simplify gallery operations so your business can function efficiently. It’s equally important that you help simplify the process for art buyers, too!

We live in the age of Amazon 2-day delivery, and while buying art online is very different from ordering paper towels, there’s still an expectation and desire for an easy, hassle-free experience.

So how can your gallery help make the art buying process for your clients enjoyable, efficient and stress-free? With these few small steps, you can simplify the entire online art buying experience for your clients.

Simplify the Search

Most art buying is not the result of an impulse purchase, but of a well-thought-out search.

That search is more and more often starting online, so you want the online search process to be as seamless as possible. According to the 2019 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, 91% of art buyers said that search and navigation was the most important factor when buying art online.

If your site is easy to navigate and clients can find art and artists they love with ease, you’re already starting off on the right foot with people who have just begun their search for art.

Make Information Readily Available

This is another important aspect of the art search. Most art buyers want to know background information about the artists and art they plan to purchase.

If that information is readily available to potential clients, it’s one less step they’d need to take before purchasing the work. This information should be easy to find online and in your gallery.

With an ArtCloud profile or website, you can easily upload artist bios and artwork descriptions so that clients can have all of the information they need. In the gallery, you can be the perfect resource for information, but we also recommend having a few bios for each artist on hand, so clients can have a physical copy to take with them.

Answer Questions Promptly

Art buyers may have a few more questions for you before they're ready to commit to a purchase. Be sure to answer those questions promptly and courteously!

People are busy and the less time that lapses between their inquiry and your response, the better. Clients will see that you’re there to assist them and that you value their time, too.

The good news is when your gallery operations are running smoothly and efficiently, you’ll be able to serve your clients in the same way.

Hassle-Free Payment

A client has decided to purchase artwork — yay! If the payment process for them is hassle-free, it’ll be the cherry on top to their exciting new purchase.

Having the option for clients to pay online means that they can pay securely and safely from their desired location and on their time. No waiting for regular business hours, playing phone tag or wasting postage to send a check in the mail.

Learn more about how ArtCloud can help simplify your gallery operations and provide your clients with a hassle-free online buying experience.

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