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What Should I Know About My Art Inventory?


The more you know the more you know, they say. They being... who exactly? Anyway. In the world of inventory management the more data you collect, the more informed you will be when you're selling. 

When collecting information about your artwork inventory as an artist, gallerist, dealer, or advisor there are a few imperative pieces of information to have in hand. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the categories available to track in ArtCloud, and the pieces of information we recommend knowing about an item you are storing and/or selling. 

  • Name of Artist
  • Title
  • Edition (if applicable)
  • Medium
  • 4-5 Images of Item
  • Year
  • Price
  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Weight
  • Mounting
  • Current Location
  • Date Created
  • Acquisition Date
  • Signature Placement
  • Inventory Number
  • SKU
  • Framed?
  • Frame Cost
  • Frame Height
  • Frame Width
  • Framer Name
  • Insurance Value
  • Shipping Price
  • Consignment Information

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ArtCloud specific categories:

  • Expenses

  • Show this on your website?

  • Download QR Code

  • Copy link to inventory

  • Price Override

  • Genre

  • Tags

  • Interested Contacts

  • Add to Invoice

  • Add to List

  • Add to Marketplace

  • Add to Consignment Agreement

  • Email to Contact

This is what our Inventory Record looks like. For each artwork, edition, or other inventory item, there is a place for all of the information to go. 

inventory features

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