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3 Ways to Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is something many galleries don't spend enough time on, convinced their emails are doomed to land in the spam folder or get mindlessly deleted. However, email marketing that is targeted and personalized is much more likely to catch your clients’ attention and compel them to open your message. Personalization starts with your subject lines, and you don't even need to use anyone's name!

Connect with the individual

Make your email subject line feel a little more personal simply with the wording you choose. It can be as easy as adding the word “you” or “your.”

What once seemed like an email sent to the masses can suddenly feel like it’s addressing each individual subscriber.

Asking a question in your subject line is another great way to add personalization and engagement to your email campaigns. You will be starting a conversation with your subscribers, instead of just marketing to them.Subject lines that connect with the individual

Use Emojis

This is a trend we’re seeing more and more. Emojis not only stand out in a long list of text-heavy emails, they also convey emotions and can add some personality to your subject lines! Emojis make your gallery seem approachable and friendly, and they stand out in a long list of text-heavy emails.

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Emojis give your subject lines a more casual and friendly tone, so your emails will seem more personal and engaging. They also help your gallery feel more approachable!

Like any good spice, be sure to use Emojis wisely and when they make sense, and don't overdo it.Be more approachable with Emojis

Personalize campaigns based on specific client lists

Most galleries send out their email newsletter to their entire email list, but you can send email campaigns to target specific client lists as well.

If you have a CRM tool you’re using for your gallery or are already using ArtCloud Manager, you can easily export artist follow-up lists or sort your clients by certain tags. Then, you can create marketing campaigns specifically aimed at this client group!

If you are having a solo show for an artist, target the follow-up list of that specific artist in your email marketing campaign. You’ll be sharing work that you already know they will love and recognize, so you can personalize the subject line accordingly!Personalize based on client list

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