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Art Sales Made Easier: Connect Your Email Account to ArtCloud

Email is a crucial component of your gallery's sales strategy. Your regular email newsletters help build relationships between your clients and your business, and individual follow-up emails are often key to finalizing a sale. ArtCloud now makes your sales emails easier and more impactful with our latest integrations for Gmail, Outlook and other email service providers.

Do everything in one place and save time on follow-ups

At ArtCloud, we know that every bit of efficiency we can incorporate into your workflows helps you save time and sell art more quickly.

We also know that most galleries prefer to send emails from their own email accounts, so that clients can easily recognize their gallery name and email address. That makes a lot of sense, because it's much more likely that clients will open your emails when they can quickly see who sent which message.

But this practice also causes extra work for art consultants, who have to first export or copy/paste materials like price lists and tearsheets, and then go into their email accounts to send the messages. Connecting your email address to your ArtCloud account makes it possible to send tearsheets, price lists, artist bios and more, without having to switch back and forth between ArtCloud and your email inbox.

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Emails saved in contact records for future reference

The most effective art consultants use a CRM (client relationship management) tool to keep track of every interaction with a client. A good CRM makes it easy for you to log everything from emails and phone calls to in-person visits and sales, as well as follow-ups, giving you a comprehensive overview of that client's relationship with your gallery and next steps in the sales process.

Manually logging emails, however, can waste a lot of your sales consultants' time. Emails sent from your ArtCloud account are automatically logged in each client's record, so you don't have to copy and paste each email into the CRM. Best of all, you never have to try to remember which pieces you sent them, what you said, or what the client's response was. It's all recorded for you.

With full visibility into all interactions with a client, multiple staff members can more easily collaborate on a sale without having to waste time asking each other when the last communication was sent, what was said, and what needs to happen next. And when you bring a new team member on board, they can pick up a client relationship where the last person left off, creating a seamless transition and fantastic experience for your clients.

Day in and day out, all that time your team saves really adds up!

Integrating your email account takes just a minute

The best part of the new integrations with Gmail and Outlook - it takes just a minute to connect your email account and get started! Head over to your Account Settings, and look for the Integrations tab.

Learn how ArtCloud works with gallery teams of all sizes to consolidate their marketing, sales and inventory data into one place, so they have more time for other things!

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