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Are You Making This Big Mistake with Your Email Newsletter?

Your gallery's email newsletter is a great opportunity to grow your client base, as well as a way to collect valuable data on your clients' and prospects' interests. But many galleries make the same BIG mistake in their email newsletters. As a result, they miss out on numerous opportunities to bring clients to their website and engage with artwork.

The good news? This one's really easy to fix!

The mistake: Not linking every image to your website

Over and over, we see galleries make the same mistake: they include lots of images in their newsletters, but don't hyperlink many of those images to a page on their website. Images that are not hyperlinked simply enlarge when someone clicks on them. This means you can't track who clicked on what.

Even worse, all those people who did click on an image didn't get the chance to be redirected to your website, where they could potentially purchase a piece of art or learn more about an upcoming show.

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Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. In your next newsletter, be sure to hyperlink every single image to a page on your website.

And don't forget your gallery logo — that should be hyperlinked, too!

What does your click data tell you?

Once you've got all your images linked to pages on your website, send out your newsletter and wait for your data to start coming in. Here are some easy ways to use data about your click rates:

What your clients and prospects like most

As you track your click data over time, you'll start to notice trends around what your newsletter subscribers click on, and what they don't click on. Identify what's most popular amongst your clients and prospects, and tailor future newsletters to give them more of what they like.

Which clients to follow up with

Data from your email newsletters can also be a powerful sales tool. If you're sending newsletters with many different artwork images, you can use your data to identify which clients to follow up with about certain pieces.

You'll also want to note those artworks as leads in your database, and be sure to set a To-Do so you don't forget to follow up with them!

Keep track of your open and click rates over time, and keep in mind that increasing your click rates involves a lot of trial and error. Be sure to experiment, track your data, and use that data to improve your marketing and sales.

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