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4 Ways to Say Thank You: Create Lasting Relationships with Your Top Clients

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s that time of year when we all start thinking about what and whom we are most thankful for. As a gallery, it’s the perfect time to give a special thank you to your top clients.

There is a large amount of art in the world and your clients chose to come to you and support your artists. Showing them that you genuinely appreciate their business will help you form lasting relationships with your top clients.

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Identify Your Top Clients

First things first, take a look at your analytics to quickly identify your top clients. Looking at your Top Contacts report, it’s easy to select whichever date range you need, but for our purposes, let’s start with the first of the year until today’s date.Top contacts report in ArtCloud


Now we have a list of our top clients as well as the number of pieces they purchased and the value. These statistics can help you evaluate which clients you would like to thank, whether that's a longtime client who has continued to work with you or a recent contact who made a large purchase. Now that you know who, here are a few ways to show gratitude.

Ways to Say 'Thank You'

A simple note

Your “thank you” can be as easy and simple as sending a personalized note! View their contact record to see exactly which purchases they've made, and mention the artwork or artist they loved in your note. Including details adds a level of thoughtfulness and saves your thank you note from being boring and generic.

The gift of art

Send your highly valued clients a small piece of original art! A small paper piece from an artist they have shown interest in or an artist you think they would enjoy makes a lovely gift. Artists can make small paper pieces quickly and it will also benefit them by promoting their work to significant clients.

A special dinner with artists

While this “thank you” mainly applies to clients who live locally, inviting them to a dinner surrounding an exhibition opening or gallery event is a great thank you gift. It can be an excellent way to continue to get to know your clients, while also treating them to a nice evening out and a more intimate conversation with the artists.

Keeping in touch

One of the best ways to thank your top clients is to keep their needs top of mind. If you know they are searching for a specific piece, add notes to their profile and create a “to-do” so you don’t forget to follow up and consider new arrivals that may fit your client’s needs.

Check out their leads and utilize your notes to send a personalized email when there are new arrivals from artists of interest.To Do to follow up with a contact

Investing time and consideration into your top contacts can help you develop stronger relationships with your clients. It also keeps your gallery at the top of their list of contacts.

So this holiday season, be sure to express gratitude and thank your top clients!

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